The frisbee is a type of pendulum amusement ride featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth. Riders are seated on the gondola facing inward or outward depending on the model.

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Air Hockey

A typical Air Hockey table consists of large smooth playing surface, a surrounding rail to prevent the puck and mallets from leaving the table and slots in the rail at either end of the table that serve as goals.

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Basket Ball

For three whole minutes, you get an unlimited supply of basketballs, you just gotta keep scoring baskets till the game gets over.

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Elephant Circus Ride

A fun ride best enjoyed with 9 more playmates. This ride rotates clockwise for 4 thrilling minutes.

Motor Boat

You don't need to be a grown up or in a giant lake to row a motor boat. You can do it right here with Poco Loco.

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Duck Ride

A rotating ride with a twist of fun, the Duck ride allows 8 of you to spin madly for four awesome minutes.


A bouncy is a popular Polybutadiene rubber toy. It rebounds proportionally to the amount of force you use to throw yourself at its surface.

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Terms and conditions of Joyland

1. Every person entering or seeking admission or buying ticket, membership or RFID band or any other form of permission to enter Joyland, deemed that he/she read and to understand and agreed the terms and conditions of Joyland.
2. Each guest is compulsorily required to follow these instructions: Normal operation of any attraction may be hazardous to those: Who are pregnant, with heart problem, with neck or back problem, motion sickness or with other health problems that may make them more vulnerable to injury.
3. Joyland team may inspect all bags, carrying containers and cases. No outside food items or beverages or glass containers are permitted except baby food in its original container.
4. Smoking, tobacco products, electric cigarettes and similar products or devices are not permitted anywhere in the park. No illegal substances are permitted anywhere in the park.
5. It is the participant’s responsibility that they are in possession of their belongings. Joyland has no liability to compensate or offer replacements for items at any time of being in the premises.
6. Please do not try to remove/transfer/disfigure or mutilate the wristband as it may damage the wristband. Replacement for damaged band will attract charges as per the current rate of band of Joyland.
7. Credit card payment refund will be paid after reduction of 5% services charges.Money refund will not be applicable in-case of damaged band.
8. All the rates/charges are inclusive of applicable Government taxes as on date, subject to revision as per management discretion without notice.
9. Use of devices facility and rides are involved inherent risk and subject to compliance of instructions. Negligence non compliance causing damages person injury, loss or damage guests release the company and management to the full extent permitted by law from any claim for personal injury, loss or damage arising from their participation in the ride. The guests agree to comply with all lawful directions that are given from time to time.
10. Joyland reserves the right to postpone or cancel any rides if it feels weather conditions incompatible towards it. In case of cancellation, Joyland reserves the right to re-schedule the event at a future date or will refund the amount subject to condition.